Omar Sayed Saeed is a PhD student of virology, faculty of veterinary medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. He has consistently proven his excellence throughout previous academic studies as an undergraduate and postgraduate master student. He has currently achieved one of his outstanding goals to be now a semi-specialized student in research on bat viruses and their impactful evolution during his Master Thesis. Regarding his professional experiences, he is claimed to have both teaching and lab experience, he gains the teaching professionality through his academic position as an assistant lecturer of virology for teaching 4 undergraduate courses of virology and molecular biology with teaching methods contain group discussion, presentation, demonstration and problem-solving. With simplified teaching material methods as Whiteboards, slides, video projectors, teaching microscopes and web-enabled e-learning. He has published two peer-reviewed articles in English and organized and chaired many international symposiums on Virology and Environmental Hygiene. was elected to the best improviser at AUC 2019-2020