Noran Amin is an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English Literature and Language at Cairo University. She did her PhD in English and the Teaching of English at Idaho State University in the United States and graduated from the program in May 2020. In 2015, she finished her MA in English at the University of Wyoming in the United States. Before studying in the US, Amin did her BA in English at Cairo University.

In the fall of 2020, Dr. Amin taught two undergraduate courses, namely 4th Year Theoretical and Practical Criticism, and 3rd Year Modern Dramatic Movements. In spring 2021, she is scheduled to teach 4th Year American Literature and 3rd Year American Studies. 

Amin's primary research interest is comics studies. She is currently polishing the manuscript of her first academic book The Interrogative Mode: A Practical Theory for Comics Criticism. In this book, she presents an analytical framework she devises for facilitating the process of reading and critiquing students, especially for college students and audiences who are not familiar with the medium. She terms this mode of critique "the interrogative mode".
She is also working on a paper titled "The Oriental Superheroes: Political Questions in G. Willow Wilson's Cairo: A Graphic Novel and the Ms. Marvel comics" for publishing it in the International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA). 

Because her work has a pedagogical aspect, she is working on a book chapter entitled "The SuperPOWers of the Interrogative Mode", which will be published as a chapter in a book that compiles different works on comics and education.

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