Neveen A Soliman is Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Nephrology, Kasr Al Ainy school of Medicine, Cairo University. She holds a medical doctorate degree in Pediatrics from Cairo University, 1993. She Performed her postdoctoral training at Guy's Hospital, London UK working as a clinical and research fellow. In 2001, she shared in the foundation of the Center of Pediatric Nephrology & Transplantation, Children's Hospital, Cairo University.

Her main research interest is genetic and metabolic diseases including the clinical and molecular characterization of cystinosis, cystic kidney diseases and other ciliopathies like Bardet-Biedl &Joubert  syndrome, Podocytopathies including genetic and steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome, primary hyperoxaluria, cystinuria, and collagen IV nephropathies.

In 2003 she founded the Egyptian Group for Orphan Renal Diseases (EGORD), the first group of its kind in Egypt and the region, to care for rare kidney diseases. She heads a team of 7 co-workers and established national database for many inherited renal diseases as cystinosis, podocytopathies & genetic nephrotic syndrome, nephronophthisis & related ciliopathies, Alport syndrome & collagen IV nephropathies, as well as primary hyperoxaluria.

Prof. Soliman is a member of several Pediatric Nephrology and Genetics scientific societies, she authored and co-authored numerous publications in renowned high-ranking journals including Nature Genetcs, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Kidney international, Journal of American Society of Nephrology, and Journal of Medical Genetics among others.She has been invited as a guest speaker to share expertise in genetic kidney diseases in a number of leading regional and international conferences. Cairo University is now considered a regional center of excellence in the field of the inherited kidney diseases and is firmly on the International map through the expanding clinical experience, medical education, high quality research, let alone the periodic hosting of international conferences and educational workshops on rare and genetic renal diseases.,

Prof. Soliman is the winner of the 2011 Global Kidney Academy/International Nephrology Education Foundation "Leadership & Education in Nephrology", and the 2011 and 2013 Cairo University Distinct Publication Awards. She currently serves as the Co-Director of the OnLine Kidney Academy (OLA), the Global Nephrology Educational Portal. Prof. Soliman was selected in 2012 as an Advisory Board member of the Cure Cystinosis International Registry (CCIR). Recently in 2014, she was elected to serve as a Co-Chair in the Steering Committee assigned to develop the global KDIGO guidelines for diagnosis and management of nephropathic cystinosis.