Prof. Dr. Nermeen A. ElKasabgy

Short Description:

Dr. Nermeen A. ElKasabgy; Professor of Pharmaceutics, holds PhD degrees in Pharmaceutics from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt (2012). Currently she works as a Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt.

  • The scientific activity of Dr. Nermeen Elkasabgy, represented in the published scientific researches that she contributed to, is distinguished by the fact that it falls within the scope of applied research that aims at the development of an industry of great importance and that serves the human community at all levels; which is the pharmaceutical industry. This industry is concerned with the health of people as well as different socioeconomic aspects. Most of her research studies focused on the use of biodegradable and biocompatible polymers.
  • One of her most prominent activities in which these concepts stand out is the participation in many scientific research studies aimed at using nanotechnology in drug delivery. Since the urgent need for innovative technology, as an alternative to the traditional production process and in order to achieve a large developmental return, her researches aimed at using nanotechnology to develop new pharmaceutical formulas to deliver the drug in appropriate quantities to the right part in the human body, at the right time. Taking into account the ease of drug use and patient comfort.
  • Dr. Nermeen Elkasabgy's scientific production was not limited to the delivery of drugs using conventional carriers only, but scaffolds were designed as drug carriers and also as stimulators of tissue restoration. Cellulose nanofibers were used in addition to cyclodextrins to prepare eco-friendly scaffolds to stimulate the growth of osteoblasts. Also, the scientific production of Dr. Nermeen Elkasabgy included the preparation of nanometric materials from bio-glass, which are known to have an important role in promoting the growth of bone tissues. The effect of their addition to in-situ forming scaffolds has been studied in several researches conducted by Dr. Nermeen Elkasabgy. These scaffolds were injected into induced defects in the bone, which succeeded in promoting regular bone growth.
  • Dr. Nermeen Elkasabgy's scientific production also included the preparation of spray-dried emulsion for the pulmonary delivery of an anti-carcinogenic and bronchodilator drug, which was the first of its kind for the treatment of lung cancer. This is an innovative approach that will protect lung cancer patients from significant side effects from regular injectable forms of chemotherapeutics.
  • Valorization of agro-wastes like cellulose was one of the main aims of her research studies. Cellulose was converted into value-added pharmaceutical ingredients, like nanofibrillated cellulose as well as cellulose nanocrystals, to be used in different pharmaceutical preparations. Of course this field is of double benefit on both the pharmaceutical and medical levels as well as the community services level.

She co-authored more than 35 articles published in international journals. She has supervised several MSc and PhD theses. She is a reviewer in several reputable international journals.

Last Four Recent Relevant Publications:


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Elkasabgy NA

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Zaghloul N, Mahmoud AA,

Elkasabgy NA

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4-          Elkasabgy NA,

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  1. One of the top 2% of scientists in Pharmaceutics Discipline as per Plos Biology Journal, 2020 & 2021.     
  2. Silver Medal in Geneva International Innovations Exhibition, March 2021.
  3. Best Research Article in Pharmaceutics Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University for 2020.
  4. State Encouragement Award in the field of Medical Sciences for 2019, Egypt.
  5. Cairo University Encouragement Award in the field of Medical Sciences for 2019, Egypt.
  6. 3rd Best poster in BioNat 6th International conference for 2017, Egypt.
  7. Cairo University award for the scientific publication in international journals from 2014-2019.
  8. Best Teaching assistant awarded from Cairo University, 2012.