IS414: Database Design (Spring 2016)


Course Description

This course aims to provide the students with knowledge and skills needed to design relational database schemas ( conceptual and logical design). Design issues related to new database models are also considered. Relational database tuning is taken into consideration after the design concepts are illustrated through the course.

Teaching Assistants

Eng.  Ali Zidan
Eng. Ibrahim Gomaa
Eng. Dina Abbas

Text Book

Fundamentals of Database Systems (6th Edition)
Ramez Elmasri (Author), Shamkant Navathe (Author)


Wednesdays 8:00 - 9:30 -- Lecture hall 620
Thursdays 9:45 - 11:00 -- Lecture hall 620

Grading Scheme 

60% Final exam
10% Mid-Term exam
12% Assignments (Sheets)
7% Programming Assignemnt
6% Workshop in labs
5% Quizzes


Week DBD Lecture
 1 Course Overview & Motivation PDF
DB Design Process + ERD Notations + Lessons Learned in ERD PDF
2 Conceptual Normalization (Functional Dependencies) PDF
Conversion (Conceptual to Logical Schema) PDF
3 Functional Dependencies Inference rules  PDF
Functional Dependencies (Closure, cover, equivalence) PDF
4 Functional Dependencies (Non Redundant FDs, Extraneous Attributes)PDF
Functional Dependencies (Minimal Cover) PDF
5 Normalization using functional dependencies (1st, 2nd, 3rd, BCNF) PDF
views (virtual and materialized views) PDF
6 Relational Database Tuning PDF
Relational Database Tuning PDF
7 Relational Database Tuning PDF
Relational Database Tuning PDF
8 MidTerms
9 NOSQL Database Introduction PDF
10 Easter Vacation
11 Graph Databases PDF
12 Neo4j Cypher Language PDF
Neo4j Cypher Language PDF
13 Neo4j Cypher Language PDF

Year Grades

16 May 2015 (Year Grades without Sheet 3 and Quiz 2)

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