Transdermal delivery of salbutamol sulphate: Formulation and evaluation

El-Gendy, N. A., N. A. Sabry, M. El-Attar, E. Omar, and M. Mahmoud, "Transdermal delivery of salbutamol sulphate: Formulation and evaluation", Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, vol. 14, issue 2, pp. 216 - 225, 2009.


Salbutamol patches were prepared and evaluated. The effect of different Eudragits and various plasticizers on the properties of the patches were studied. Patches were prepared by casting method employing different plasticizers. These patches were evaluated for weight, thickness uniformity, swelling index, tensile strength, elongation percent and moisture absorption capacity. Release was studied. Tensile strength of the patches using Eudragit RS 100 as well as RS100 L100 and triacetin was the lowest. Formulae containing 10% oleic acid and 5% dimethyl formamide, respectively, showed the highest permeability. These two formulae were studied clinically, the first formula only showed a significant improvement. © 2009 Informa UK Ltd.


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