Molecular biological tools applied for identification of mastitis causing pathogens.

Molecular biological tools applied for identification of mastitis causing pathogens., El-Sayed, Amr, Awad Walid, Abdou Nadra-Elwgoud M. I., and Vázquez Hugo Castañeda , International journal of veterinary science and medicine, Volume 5, Issue 2, p.89-97, (2017)


The molecular diagnostic tools became the gold standard of mastitis diagnosis in the last few years. They enable rapid, qualitative, quantitative and large scale diagnosis. In addition to their role in diagnosis, they can identify pathogens at the subspecies level which is necessary for the epidemiological studies. They are increasingly used in mastitis control programs through identification of suitable candidates for vaccine production and through the selection of mastitis resistant cattle breeds. The present molecular techniques are continuously improved and new techniques are developed in order to provide higher sensitivity and specificity and to minimize the costs. The present work aims to provide an overview of the modern molecular tools, discuss why they replaced the traditional tools and became the new gold standard in mastitis diagnosis through comparing both traditional and molecular tools, explore the prospective of the molecular diagnostic techniques in mastitis diagnosis and control and to explore new horizons of using molecular assays in near future.