Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in a 5-year-old Sudanese boy.

El Dib, N. A., N. M. Eldessouky, S. A. El Sherbini, H. M. Seleem, and H. A. F. Algebaly, "Disseminated coccidioidomycosis in a 5-year-old Sudanese boy.", Journal of tropical pediatrics, vol. 60, issue 3, pp. 260-3, 2014 Jun.


A 5-year-old Sudanese boy not known to be immunodeficient and with no history of travelling developed septic shock from a disseminating coccidial infection. The diagnosis was delayed, as the eosinophilic hepatic abscess was initially thought to be secondary to schistosomiasis, which is endemic in Egypt and Sudan. A further survey about the existence of coccidial infection around the climatic area of the river Nile is warranted.