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Professor Atta earned a BSc Degree in Chemistry in 1980 with distinction from Cairo University. She earned a Master Degree in Organic Chemistry from the same university in 1985. Prof. Atta earned an MSc and PhD Degrees from the University of Cincinnati, OH (USA) in 1991 and 1994 on the Application of Conducting Polymers in Sensors. She joined the Chemistry Department of Cairo University as Assistant Professor, on 1994.

The research interests of Prof. Atta are in the areas of applications of conducting polymers as electrochemical sensors for the determination of organic and biological molecules in connection with high performance liquid chromatography & flow injection analysis, ion selective electrodes based on conducting polymers, corrosion and passivity. Other areas of interest are: new and advanced materials with emphasis on nano-structured materials, imprinted sol-gel materials, molecular recognition, nano-particles modified surfaces for catalysis and sensors applications.

Prof. Atta earned several recognitions including: Cairo University first class graduation award for the best achievement in chemistry, 1980; Graduate Fellowship from the University of Cincinnati, 1987; Supervised several MSc and PhD theses that was awarded the best achievement in the Faculty of Science; Awarded the prize of Excellence in Research in the area of Interdisciplinary and Technological Science by Cairo University, 2010; Awarded the prize of Excellence in Research in the area of The Science of Technologically Advanced Materials by The State of Egypt, 2012; Awarded the Prize of Excellence in Scientific publications (ESCPA) for (2010/ 2011) from The Ministry of High Education in Egypt.

Prof. Atta was invited as keynote speaker at several international conferences, and to contribute in special issues of international journals. She also acts on the editorial boards of several journals including: Journal of Sensor Technology, Scientific World Journal, Journal of Conference Papers.

Prof. Atta authored and co-authored over 80 papers published in renowned international scientific journals and delivered several presentations in international and national conferences. She also supervised several theses that led to the MSc and PhD degrees.