A.     Nanotoxicology

·      Designing experiments for toxicity testing of nanoparticlesin-vivo andin-vitro

·     Screening the nanotoxicity of ENMs (magnetite and silver) using animal models and freshly-prepared isolated rat hepatocytes

·      Screening the dermal nanotoxicity of silver nanospheres using rodent skin

·      Testing the antiviral and antibacterial effect of silver nanospheres

·      Toxicity testing of pesticides-capped silver nanoparticles using mosquitoes larvae


B.     Cell Biology

·      Cell culturing of mammalian cells

·      Microinjection of adherent cells using Eppendorf microinjector and manipulator units.

·      Immunofluorescence of adherent cells


C.     Biochemistry

·      Cellular fractionation and preparation of nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions using ultracentrifugation protocols.

·      Protein extraction, quantification and analysis by SDS-PAGE.

·      Western Blotting and detection of target proteins

·      Enzyme activity assay


D.    Molecular Biology

·      DNA and RNA isolation, purification and quantification using spectrophotometers

·      Amplification of DNA by PCR and analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis

·      Absolute and relative quantification of nucleic acids by Real-Time PCR

·      Plasmid construction, amplification and purification

·      Restriction analysis of purified plasmids for assuring construction process

·      Cell transfection, sub-cloning and analysis of expressed proteins in cells

·      Bacculoviral/Bacterial protein expression, purification and analysis of expressed proteins

·      In Vitro Transcription / Translation of proteins (in test tubes)


E.     Lab-Animals handling

·      Breeding rodents, identification and isolation of pregnant females before delivery

·      Professional in using Stomach tubes for gavage and rat restrainers for tail I/V injections

·      Professional in anesthesia and preparation of lab animal for different applications

·      Euthanizing of Lab animals by injection or using carbon dioxide in euthanasia cages

·      Dissection of lab animals and storage of internal organs for Histopathology, SEM or TEM