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H.M.Morad, M.Shokry, and A. Hassanein, "Serum biochemical measurements of Egyptian buffaloes following administration of Rompun* and Combelen*", Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal, vol. 5, pp. 315-324, 1979. serum_biochemical_measurements_of_egyptian_buffaloes.pdf
H.M.Gohar, and M.Shokry, "Efficacy of sodium chkoride in prevention of sheep urolithiasis", Bull. Anim. Hlth. Prod.Afr., vol. 29, pp. 321-324, 1981. sod_chloride_for_prevention_of_urolithiasis_in_sheep.pdf
H.Elkasapy, A., M. M.Shokry, A. M.Alakraa, and O. A.Khalifa, "Prosthetic polyester-based hybrid mesh for repairing of perineal hernia in dogs", Open Veterinary Journal, vol. 12, issue 1, pp. 124-128, 2022.