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Ragab, M. T., M. M. Shafie, and M. Kilani, "Milk yield and milking rates of the individual quarters of the udder in buffaloes, Egyptian cows and Friesian cows", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, 1971. Abstract

25 buffaloes, 18 Egyptian cows and 26 Friesian cows were hand-milked twice daily at 0700 and 1500 h throughout lactation. Quarters were milked individually in sequence: right fore, right rear, left fore, left rear. Forequarters contributed 28.7, 39.8 and 38.4% of morning milk and 32.2, 44.8 and 38.2% of evening milk of buffaloes, Egyptian cows and Friesian cows, respectively. Relative milk yield from each quarter remained fairly constant throughout lactation. Milking rates of forequarters wer