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Hafez, E. S. E., A. L. Badreldin, and M. M. Shafei, "Skin structure of Egyptian buffaloes and cattle with particular reference to sweat glands", The Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 46, issue 01: Cambridge University Press, pp. 19-30, 1955. Abstract

The structure, distribution and dimensions of skin strata and sweat glands have been investigated in Egyptian buffaloes and cattle. Samples from sixteen body regions were taken from three adult bulls of both species. Identical studies were also made on one buffalo calf and two buffalo embryos. Serial vertical and horizontal sections were cut from each body region using the ‘terpineol paraffin wax’ method. The following results were obtained.

Hamed, A. H., O. - H. M. El-Banna, G. A. M. Ghanem, H. Elnagaar, and M. S. Shafie, "Isolation and Identification of Tobacco rattle tobravirus Affecting Onion (Allium cepa L.) Plants in Egypt.", International Journal of Virology, vol. 8, issue 1, 2012. Abstract