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Azzouz, M. A., D. A. latif El-Shafei, and D. H. R. Emare, Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems, , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Nabawy, M. R. A., D. G. M. S. El-Bayoumi, D. M. M. Abdelrahman, and D. M. M. El-Nomrossy, Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Morphing Micro Air Vehicle Wing for Roll Control , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Gheriany, B. S. M., D. H. S. Morad, and D. S. A. M. Hasan, Al-A’mmah in Songhay State (869 -1000AH/1464 -1591 AD), , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Abdel-Aziz, M. H., and D. M. M. Marzouk, Application of Building Information Modeling in Infrastructure Bridges , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Mohamed, F. E. Z. S., D. W. A. Mohamed, D. M. M. Rifaai, and D. M. S. Morsi, Applications of Laser and Ultrasonic Techniques in the Cleaning of Metal Threads, Applied on a Selected Object , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Hashim, M. Y. A. W., D. H. M. M. Mansour, and D. A. E. - N. Tawfik, Bulk and Shear Viscosity in the Early Universe Cosmology , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Anbar, M. A. E. - F. A. E. - L. M., D. M. S. Mahsoub, D. Y. A. E. - M. Fayed, and D. H. E. El-Gamily, The Climate of Eastern Nile Delta and its Environmental Impacts, using Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Aal, M. E. S. A. E. M., D. E. A. Aziz, and D. I. M. A. El-Wahab, Comp Ara Tive Evaluation of Different Oral Appliances on the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Azize, E. S. A., D. M. Abdel-Hady, D. D. E. G. A. Khelfa, and D. K. S. Shaban, Comparative Studies Between an Attenuated Anticoccidial Vaccine and Different Anticoccidial Drugs in Broilers , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Abdelfatah, S. F. A., and D. R. I. Mazloum, Contributions to Randomized Response Models , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Sherbieny, H. H. M. A., D. E. H. Mobarakand, and D. H. A. A. W. El-Deeb, Dentin Bond Durability of Fluoride Containing Self-Etch Adhesive Under Simulated Intra-Pulpal Pressure, , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Sonousi, A. S. M., D. A. K. El-Ansary, D. H. H. Kadry, and D. E. M. Ahmed, Design and Synthesis of Certain Quinazolinone Derivatives of Expected Anti-Asthmatic Activity , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Attia, A. G. A., D. Z. K. M. lsmail, D. A. F. M. Kamel, and D. M. F. Y. Yacoub, The Effect of in Vivo Mobilization of Bone Marrow Stem Cells on The Pancreas of Diabetic Albino Rats (Ahistological & Immunohistochemical Sway), , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Mohammad, I. S. M., D. M. S. El-Deab, D. M. E. - S. El-Shakre, and D. A. M. Mohammad, Electrocatalysis of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at Metal Oxide Nanostructured Modified Electrodes , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Salem, Y. E. M., D. G. M. El-Hafez, D. A. Y. Radwan, and D. A. A. A. Abdallah, Evaluation of Muscle Strengths and Myoelectric Activities of Scapular Rotators in Patients with Impingement Syndrome , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Fouad, Y. A. A. H., and D. A. S. Reda, Family Relationships, as Provided by the Egyptian Soap Operas and their Impact on Family Interaction , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Azouz, M. A. A., and D. A. - F. F. Abdel-Fattah, The Historical Aspects in Ibnull Qaim Al Jawziaiah Books (691H-751H) (1292-1350AD) , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Hafez, S. M. A. A., D. K. F. A. E. - H. M. A. amry, and D. R. T. Soliman, Immunological and Molecular Studies on Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Fawzy, E. F. A., D. S. W. G. Bakhoum, D. A. A. Farrag, and D. M. A. Salem, Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Coronary and Extracoronary Calcification in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease, , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf