Finger Print Extraction Using a Local Varying Thresholding on Mobile Devices

Refaey, M. A. A., "Finger Print Extraction Using a Local Varying Thresholding on Mobile Devices", The Second International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2016), Japan, pp. 65-70, 2016.


Technology producers are in a race to present the high-end products on mobile devices, and so the services presenters, the matter that needs authentication in many of the services. One of the most used authentication ways is the finger print. In this work we introduce a novel method to extract the finger print from an image taken by a mobile device’s camera. The area of interest is converted to a grey-level image, and then the algorithm uses a local varying threshold to extract the finger print details, where is traced row by row, and column by column making a lowpass filtering, and then determine a threshold dynamically according to the ridges and valleys’ intensity values which can vary due to many reasons like illumination changes. The results compared with the ink-and-paper method shows that the introduced method is a promising software-based solution for extracting the finger print using mobile devices.