I am Dr. Mohammad El-Ramly, an assistant professor of computer sciences at Cairo University. 

I earned my PhD in Computer Science from University of Alberta, Canada, specializing in Software Engineering. My teaching and research experience span four continents and includes traditional and online / E-Learning education. I worked for U of Alberta, Canada, U of Leicester, the Open University and U of Liverpool, UK, Cairo University, Zewail City and the Egyptian E-Learning University, Egypt.

I have vast experience teaching and developing core computer science courses and specialized under/postgraduate software engineering.

My research area is Software Engineering, and in particular software evolution and reengineering. I am interested in technologies, techniques, methodologies and tools that help leverage existing and past software systems to the next leading edge technology. I am also interested in the application of quantitative methods and machine learning in software engineering and IoT. I have published more than 27 papers in these areas and participated in a number of international research projects. 

Finally, I started my career as a developer in a number of local prestigious companies. I continue my industrial practice through providing consultations to local IT companies.

I am interested in supervising serious quality research that has impact on society and industry and result in high quality impactful publications in the following areas:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Software Evolution and Reengineering
  3. Mining Software Repositories
  4. Software Vulnerabilities and Secure Software Development
  5. Software Quality Assurance
  6. Software Process Improvement
  7. Agile Software Development
  8. Software Project Management and Estimation
  9. Applications of Machine Learning and Data Sciences in Software Engineering
  10. Industrial Case Studies in Software Engineering
  11. Software Engineering Education 
  12. Internet of Things
  13. Professional Issues in Computing