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Moussa, T. A. A., R. H. Elsherif, Y. A. Mohamed, M. E. A. Dawoud, and A. M. AboElAref, "Group B streptococcus colonization of pregnant women: comparative molecular and microbiological diagnosis", Comparative Clinical Pathology, vol. 22: Springer-Verlag London Limited, pp. 1229–1234, 2013. Abstract2013-_comp_clin_pathol.pdf


Al‐Bogami, A. S., T. S. Saleh, and T. A. A. Moussa, "Green Synthesis, Antimicrobial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Novel Fused Pyrimidine Derivatives Possessing a Trifluoromethyl Moiety", ChemistrySelect, vol. 3, issue 28, pp. 8306-8311, 2018. 2018-_chemistryselect.pdf
Moussa, T. A. A., G. van den Ende, H. G. Bert, H. S. Alzahrani, N. Kadasa, S. G. Hoog, and S. Dolatabadi, "The genus Anthopsis and its phylogenetic position in Chaetothyriales", Mycoses, vol. 60, issue 4, pp. 254-259, 2017. Abstract