Toxoplasmosis in Schizophrenic Patients: Immune-diagnosis and Serum Dopamine Level

Aly, M. I., M.A.M.Ismail, G.A.Abd-Allah, M.Abdel-Latif, R.M.Shaapan, H.Salah, S. S. A. Gawad, and E.Y.Abu-Sarea, "Toxoplasmosis in Schizophrenic Patients: Immune-diagnosis and Serum Dopamine Level", Pakistan journal of Biological Sciences (Pak.J Bioi. ScL), vol. 23, issue 1028-8880, pp. 1131-1137, 2020.


Background and Objective: Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular protozoan parasite widely distributed all over the world. It
has been associated with various psychiatric conditionsas schizophrenia. This study aiming to evaiuatethe association between Tgondii
infection and schizophrenia and to estimate the effect ofIgondiiinfection on the serum dopamine level among schizophrenic patients.
Materials andMethods: A case-control study was conducted over 45 schizophrenic patients and 44 normal controls. Serum IgMand gG
anti-1gondii antibodies were detected by a commercial ELISA Kit. The immunoblotting method was performed for the detection of IgG
anti- Toxoplasma dopamine was detected by the human dopamine ELISA kit. Results: Anti' T gondii gM was negative in all the 90
studied individuals. However, anti- 77 was positive in 25 schizophrenic patients (55.6%) and 13 normal healthy controls (28.9%).
mmunoblotting showed stronger specific reaction to proteins with molecular weights 50 and 60 kOa by+ve gG schizophrenic patients.
The serum dopamine level among schizophrenicpatients was increased as compared to healthycontrols (47.22 and 25.79%, respectively:
p <0.001 ). In addition, the dopamine levels in +ve igG were higherthan those of-ve IgG schizophrenic patients. Condusion:These results
suggest that chronic Tgondiiinfection causes high dopamine levels that may lead to schizophrenia. About 55% of schizophrenic patients
showed positive IgG reactions to Toxoplasma within this population, the dopamine levels were higherthan seronegative population and
revealed both 50 and 60 kOa proteins band specific to Toxoplasma.
Key words: Toxoplasmosis, schizophrenia, IgG, IgM, immunoblotting, dopamine