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Placement of dental implants in the posterior mandibular alveolar ridges may become a challenging procedure because of limited bone height between the crest of the ridge and the inferior alveolar canal. The aim of this study was to introduce an innovative, less invasive, highly accurate, and easy surgical technique of inferior alveolar nerve lateralization in the posterior deficient mandible using a special customized 3-dimensional-printed surgical guide to enhance the bone height for implant placement. This case series study included 7 patients with unilateral edentulous mandibular alveolar ridges. Customized surgical guides were manufactured using fused deposition modeling technology to accurately place a rectangular window to uncover the canal and also for immediate placement of dental implants in all cases. The results of this limited study provided information on an innovative technique that decreased intraoperative time and demonstrated decreased risks for (1) inferior alveolar nerve injury and (2) postoperative nerve dysfunction.

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