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Mostafa Helal is an accomplished academic and researcher in the field of Aniaml Breeding and Genetics. He was born in Egypt. Currently, he holds the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Cairo University, where he specializes in Animal Breeding and Genetics.

With a strong educational background, Mostafa completed his Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Cairo University in 2012. Prior to that, he obtained his M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees, also from Cairo University.

Mostafa's professional journey spans over several years, during which he has held various academic positions. He has served as an Assistant Professor and Teaching Assistant at Cairo University, contributing to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field. He has also gained international exposure through his Postdoc Fellowship at IRTA in Barcelona, Spain, and as a Visiting Scientist at Ã…rhus Universite in Denmark.

In addition to his academic roles, Mostafa is actively involved in research and has made significant contributions to the field of Poultry Breeding and Genetics. He has authored and co-authored several publications in reputable journals, focusing on topics such as genetic diversity, marker-assisted selection, and performance traits in poultry and rabbits.

Throughout his career, Mostafa Helal has been recognized for his outstanding work. He has received prestigious awards and prizes, including the Prize of Excellence for the best Ph.D. dissertation at Cairo University and the Prize of Dr. Elham Abdel-Gawad for the best Ph.D. thesis in Poultry Biotechnology.

Mostafa has also been involved in various research projects, both nationally and internationally. He has been a part of EU-funded projects, such as Devilag and ILHAM, and has secured scholarships and fellowships to support his research endeavors.

As a dedicated scholar, Mostafa Helal is committed to advancing knowledge in the field of Animal Breeding and Genetics. His expertise, research contributions, and academic achievements make him a respected figure in his field, both in Egypt and internationally.