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Journal Article
Abdelaal, G., M. I. Gilany, M. Elshahed, and H. Mohamed Sharaf, "Integration of Electric Vehicles in Home Energy Management Considering Urgent Charging and Battery Degradation", IEEE Access, vol. 9: IEEE, pp. 47713-47730, 2021. Abstract
Elshahed, M., A. Ragab, M. Gilany, and M. Sayed, "Investigation of switching over-voltages with different wind farm topologies", Ain Shams Engineering Journal: Elsevier, 2021. Abstract
Abd El Kader, M. A., Z. H. Osman, and M. A. Elshahed, "New analytical approach for simultaneous feeder reconfiguration and DG hosting allocation in radial distribution networks", Ain Shams Engineering Journal, vol. 12, issue 2: Elsevier, pp. 1823-1837, 2021. Abstract
Abdelkader, M. A., M. Elshahed, and Z. H. Osman, "A New Power Flow Algorithm for Passive and Active Radial Distribution Networks", International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, vol. 40, pp. 101-118, 2018.
Alham, M. H., M. Elshahed, D. K. Ibrahim, and E. E. D. A. El Zahab, Optimal operation of power system incorporating wind energy with demand side management, , vol. 8, issue 1, pp. 1 - 7, 2017. AbstractWebsite

AbstractThe high penetration of the wind energy in the power systems raises some issues such as ramping and mismatch between the wind power and power demand. One of the possible solutions to these issues is the demand side management (DSM). In this paper, dynamic economic dispatch (DED) incorporating different penetration levels of wind energy and utilizing the DSM is proposed to solve the issues related to high penetration of wind energy. The effect of utilizing the DSM on the operation cost with different test cases is discussed. The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) using BARON as a solver and genetic algorithm (GA) with hybrid function are used to solve the proposed DED model and a comparison between them is assessed. The proposed model is applied to a six units’ generation system to test the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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Abdelaal, G., M. I. Gilany, M. Elshahed, and H. Mohamed Sharaf, "A Smart On-Line Centralized Coordinated Charging Strategy in Residential Distribution Networks", International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER), vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 523-534, 2021. Abstract
Hamdy, M., M. Elshahed, D. Khalil, and E. E. - D. A. El-Zahab, "Stochastic Unit Commitment Incorporating Demand Side Management and Optimal Storage Capacity", Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical Engineering, vol. 43: Springer International Publishing, pp. 559–571, 2019. Abstract