1)         Monier Mohamed Abd El-Ghani was born on 09 September 1955 in Cairo,Egypt. In 1976, graduated in Botany from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. Received my M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Taxonomy and Flora) from the same university in 1981 and 1985, respectively.

2)         Studies of my M.Sc. and Ph.D. explored the vegetation structure and the biodiversity of the alien plant species in the agro-ecosystems of the Oases of the Western Desert of Egypt and the Faiyum region of the Nile land.

3)         My research interest in the biodiversity in the arid regions of Egypt and Saudi Arabia resulted in publications on alien plant communities, influence of environmental parameters on plant distribution, island biography, dynamics of the desert vegetation, host-parasite relationship and desiccation tolerant plants. This resulted in 6 books, and 72 publications in peer-reviewed, national and local journals. 

4)         As a co-author, I published in 1992 “The Plant Red Data Book of Egypt, Part I. Woody Perennials” which represents a substantial contribution in the field of threatened flora ofEgypt. Outstanding presentation and extensive knowledge about these plant species constitute an essential precursor to any Red Data Book that is produced.

5)         With co-authors from Mexico, China and Pakistan, I published in 2017 “Plant Responses to Hyperarid Desert Environments ” which provides a comprehensive discussion on plant responses in hyperarid regions of Egypt, China, Mexico, and Pakistan. It describes their location, physiographic features, accidental vegetation along two transects, endangered vegetation species, human impact, and variety of plant types (e.g. climbing, succulent, and parasitic). Studies on biotic and abiotic interactions, plant biodiversity, and soil-plant relationships are also covered. The book includes many color illustrations, and has extensive and up-to-date references for further reading.

6)         For two successive years (1997 & 1998), I obtained a research fellowship granted from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany. In a worldwide competition, this fellowship is awarded to highly qualified scholars who are distinguished in their careers. This fellowship (in the Institute of Ecology, Technical University of Berlin) enabled me to resume my studies on the biodiversity, biogeography and the vegetation-environment relations in the principal ecosystems of the Oases of the Western Desert and southern Sinai, and the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

7)         Holding a professorship at the University of Cairo in the year 2000, I became the Director and Keeper of the Cairo University Herbarium, thereafter I started to initiate the Cairo University Database Project. My experience in this field is gained during my several visits (1980-1984) to Herbaria of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the British Museum in England, and (1997-1998) in the herbarium of the Botanisches Museum and Botanischer Garten (Berlin, Germany).

8)         My long-term record of research in the Western Desert of Egypt resulted in my current emphasis on its phytogeography. I am currently involved, with the German colleagues, in solving some critical problems of the plant distribution patterns and phytogeographical analysis in western Egypt. Between 2002 and 2016, I visited the Institute of Ecology in the Technical University Berlin (Germany) which enabled me to achieve my goals.

9)         In 2000, I awarded the Encouragement State Prize in biological sciences from the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research and Technology. Three years after, 2003, I awarded another Encouragement Prize in Biological Sciences (applied and theoretical) from Cairo University.

10)     In April 2015, I awarded my D.Sc. (Doctor of Science) degree from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University in the field of Plant Taxonomy and Flora. It is the first time to get that degree in this field.

11)     In June 2015, I awarded the State Prize for Excellence in Basic Sciences for 2014.

12)     In 2015, I awarded the prestigeous Georg Forster Research Prize from the Alexander von Humbold Foundation in Germany. 

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