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Abdel-Halim, M. R. E., E. El-Nabarawy, A. El-Tawdy, M. M. Fawzy, S. Shalaby, S. Ismail, and M. Amer, "Leonine facies and neck papules.", International journal of dermatology, 2019.
El-Darouti, M. A., H. M. Mashaly, E. El-Nabarawy, A. M. Eissa, M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, M. M. T. Fawzi, N. H. El-Eishi, S. O. Tawfik, N. S. Zaki, A. Z. Zidan, et al., "Leukocytoclastic vasculitis and necrolytic acral erythema in patients with hepatitis C infection: Do viral load and viral genotype play a role?", Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, vol. 63, no. 2: Elsevier, pp. 259–265, 2010. Abstract
El-Enany, G., M. M. Fawzy, M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, E. El-Nabarawy, A. El-Tawdy, M. A. El-latif, H. A. Abdelkader, S. Doss, and H. El-Sayed, "Lichenoid papules in the periorbital area.", International journal of dermatology, 2019.
Abdel-Halim, M. R. E., M. Fawzy, M. A. Saleh, S. Ismail, S. Doss, E. El Nabarawy, A. E. L. Tawdy, M. A. El-latif, S. Shalaby, M. Amer, et al., "Linear unilateral basal cell nevus with comedones (linear nevoid basaloid follicular hamartoma): a case report.", JEWDS, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 46–48, 2016. Abstract
El Darouti, M. A., S. A. Marzouk, H. M. Mashaly, E. A. El Nabarawi, M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, M. M. El Komy, V. G. Hafez, A. H. M. Reheem, and K. M. Moussa, "Lipedema and lipedematous alopecia: report of 10 new cases (vol 17, pg 351, 2007)", EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, vol. 17, no. 5: JOHN LIBBEY EUROTEXT LTD 127 AVE DE LA REPUBLIQUE, 92120 MONTROUGE, FRANCE, pp. 360–360, 2007. Abstract
Komy, M. E. L., B. Gaballa, and M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, "Longitudinal erythro-leukoxanthonychia developing after PUVA therapy", Skin Appendage Disorders, 2021.
Esmat, S. M., M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, M. M. Fawzy, and H. Shehata, "Low-power carbon dioxide laser and conventional electrosurgery in the treatment of verrucae vulgaris: which stands first?", Journal of the Egyptian Women’s Dermatologic Society, vol. 9, no. 3: LWW, pp. 136–143, 2012. Abstract