Novel Dispersion Technique for Carbon Nano Tubes within Cement Matrix

I.Serag., M., "Novel Dispersion Technique for Carbon Nano Tubes within Cement Matrix", International Journal of Current Trends in Engineering & Research, vol. 2, issue 8, 2016.


The major problem in utilizing Nano-particles is that they are highly agglomerated particles which cause loss in their high-surface area due to grain growth. Effective de-agglomeration and dispersion for Nano-particles is needed to overcome the bonding Van Der Waals forces after wetting which results in the formation of agglomerations in the form of entangled ropes and clumps that are very difficult to disentangle. The dispersion problem has been combated by methods like using surfactants, usually in combination with sonication. The present study focuses on the effectiveness of superplasticizers (high-range water-reducing admixtures), homogenization and ultrasonic processing (direct/indirect) for the purpose of dispersing carbon Nano tubes in water and finally pastes. A qualitative analysis using compressive strength test will be conducted in order to investigate the effect of dispersion on the mechanical properties of cement composites in corroborating CNT. In addition particle size distribution, SEM and TEM images will be carried out to observe the surface morphology and microstructure of cement composites with CNT addition.

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