Mr. Mohamed Oweis Taha has graduated from the English Section at Cairo University Law School in 2011 as the School's highest ranking candidate. In October 2012, Mr. Mohamed has completed a Public Law Diploma at Cairo University Law School as the School's highest ranking public law diploma candidate. Mohamed's diploma dissertation handled the delicate distinction between judicially reviewable administrative orders, and each of the parliamentary and judicial orders, which was one of the first papers to comment on the very controversial decision of the State Council dissolving the elected Constitutent Assembly. In May 2014, Mohamed obtained his Masters degree from Georgetown University Law Center as the highest ranking candidate in the General LLM program.

Mohamed's experience ranges beween academia and practice. Mohamed joined the academic staff at Cairo University Law School in February 2012, where he taught admnistrative and constitutional law to third year law students at the law school. Mohamed has also joined the Law Library of Congress, the world's largest law libbrary, as a summer research intern, where he authored and published many papers commenting on various Egyptian law topics. Immediately following his graduation, Mohamed used to advise many internaitonal companies regarding Egyptian law issues.

Mohamed is expected to pursue a PhD degree in the United Kingdom on a dissertation that handles the streamlining of the constitutional, legislative and regulatory framework for the privately financed infrastructure projects in Egypt.