Recent progress in applications of nanoparticles in fish medicine: A review

Shaalan, M., M. Saleh, M. El-Mahdy, and M. El-Matbouli, "Recent progress in applications of nanoparticles in fish medicine: A review", Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine , vol. 12, issue 3, pp. 701-710, 2016.


Nanotechnology has become an extensive field of research due to the unique properties of nanoparticles, which enable novel applications. Nanoparticles have found their way into many applications in the field of medicine, including diagnostics, vaccination, drug and gene delivery. In this review, we focused on the antimicrobial effects of nanoparticles, with particular emphasis on the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria in fisheries. The use of nanoparticle-based vaccines against many viral pathogens is a developing field in fish medicine research. Nanoparticles have gained much interest as a specific and sensitive tool for diagnosis of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases in aquaculture. Nevertheless our review also highlights the many applications of nanotechnology that are still to be explored in fish medicine.