Biodiversity of microorganisms in semi-arid soils of north sinai deserts

Othman, A., M. E. Shawky, W. M. Amer, M. Fayez, M. Monib, and N. A. Hegazi, "Biodiversity of microorganisms in semi-arid soils of north sinai deserts", Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, vol. 49, issue 3, pp. 241 - 260, 2003.


North Sinai environment is currently subjected to changes due to the major agricultural development project of El-Salam canal which brings Nile water to the arid deserts of Sinai. Therefore, intensive efforts are made to record biodiversity of natural microflora and diazotrophs associated to the plant-soil system of the major agricultural development areas around the canal. Fourteen soil profiles were made, during the seasons 1997-2000, representing major sites of the area investigated (South Qantara, Rabaa-Bir El-Abd and El-Ser and Al-Quarir). Physico-chemical and microbiological properties of soils tested are presented. Microbiological profiling included total population of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, sporeformers, thermophiles, diazotrophs and spore-forming diazotrophs. Results obtained are discussed to relate physico-chemical properties to soil biofertility in an effort to categorize general fertility levels of soils under investigation. © 2003, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


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