Atypical bacteria and acute asthma: Is there a role for antibiotics?

Fattah MA. "Atypical bacteria and acute asthma: Is there a role for antibiotics?" JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SCIENCES. 2014;6:e2014. copy at


Atypical bacteria(Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydophila pneumoniae) are thought to be inflicted in the pathogenesis and precipitation of acute asthma. Past and current infections with these organisms were found more frequently in asthmatics compared to healthy controls. It was suggested that atypical infections could precipitate acute asthma attacks in previously healthy individuals. This has raised the question of whether or not to add antibiotics to the management, especially macrolides. This review highlights the natural history of these organisms and their role in acute asthma of children. The current literature about role of antibiotics in acute asthma is summarized.

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