In 1986, Prof. Ewiss established and supervised the advanced Laser Spectroscopy and Liquid Crystal Laboratory at the Physics Department, Cairo University

In 1987, he was nominated as a member in the research team for USAID project number 850125 for “Laser Anometery” supervised by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

In 1988, he acted as the Principal Investigator for the USAID project number 860007 “Laser technology in Egypt” funded by the Foreign Relation Coordinator Unit at  the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

During 1986- until now he organised many scientific conferences and workshops in the fields of  physics, environmental Sciences and Education.

In 2001, he acted as the Principal investigator for the USAID project number 419 “liquid crystal: Physics and Technology” Funded by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

During the years 2000-2004, he was nominated as member in the national Committee of the biophysics at the Egyptian Academy of Science..

During the years 1997-2011, he was a member in the national committee of Scientific literacy at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Since 2011 until now, he is a member in the national committee of Management Sciences at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

In 2010, he was a Member in the National Committee to develop Egyptian education at the Ministry of Higher Education.

v  Since 1990, he published a number of scientific papers in international journals, as well as published 30 books in the fields of popular sciences and Education and  more than 100 articles in the field of Science and technology published in Al-Arabi and Science & Technology Kuwaiti Magazines and several Articles published in the Egyptian Journals covers different scientific topics.

v  Due to his academic achievements, Prof. Ewiss was served on the board of numerous international conferences.

v  In the years 1999 and 2000 He was nominated on the National level to the International Kalinga award (UNESCO)  in the field of scientific literacy.

v  Since 2016 -until now, he is acting as the principal Investigator for a project entitled "The proposal of Cairo University to develop Education in the Egyptian Context, using Modeling Approaches" funded by Cairo University.

v  Since 2009 until now, Prof. Ewiss is acting as the counselor for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research of Cairo University.

v  During the period 2009-2017, he acted as the counselor for International and intercultural affairs at different private universities and Academies.

v  Since 2014, he is the founder to establish the International Organization for Science and Technology (as an NGO organization).

v  Since 2015, he is the chairman of the board of trustees on the International  Academy of Science and Technology (I ACT).

v  In the years 2008 and 2015, he obtained the discretionary and Excellence awards of Cairo University in fields of basic and interdisciplinary sciences, respectively.

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