Gigantic Cutaneous Myxoma at Equine Distal Limb

Gigantic Cutaneous Myxoma at Equine Distal Limb, Zabady, Mohamed Karam, Abdin-Bey Mohammed R., Hassieb Mostafa M., and Al-Salman Mohammed F. , Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 32, Issue 10, p.624–627, (2012)


An extremely large-sized neogrowth of myxoma was observed at the cannon region in a 3-year-old Arabian mare. The mass developed during the course of 4 months. The mass mechanically hindered the animal movement, exposing the mare to multiple external injuries and subsequent blood loss. The clinical parameters, morphology, and hematological and histopathological examinations of the myxoma were recorded. The body condition score of the mare was 1. The hemogram revealed moderate to severe degree of anemia. Histopathological sections assessed after surgical removal identified the mass as a myxoma. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of cutaneous myxoma at equine limb in an Arabian horse.

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