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Shendy, W. S., M. M. E. Semary, H. S. Murad, and A. A. Mohamed, "Combined Cervical Headache SNAG with Cervical SNAG Half Rotation Techniques On Cervicogenic Headache Patients", Abstract at the 19th International scientific conference of faculty of physical therapy Cairo university, Giza, Egypt, 23 March, 2018. combined_cervical_headache_snag_with_cervical_snag_half_rotation_techniques_on_cervicogenic_headache_patients.pdf
Mohamed, A. A., W. S. Shendy, M. Semary, H. S. Mourad, K. H. Battecha, E. S. Soliman, and S. H, "Combined use of cervical headache snag and cervical snag half rotation techniques in the treatment of cervicogenic headache", The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, vol. 31, issue 4, pp. 376-381., 2019.
Ahmed, G. M., E. M. Fahmy, S. H. Elkholy, Moataz El Semary, A. A. Mohammed, and W. M. Badawy, "Cortical activation after constraint induced movement therapy in stroke patients: A randomized controlled trial", Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research, vol. 8, issue 8, pp. 24-29, 2018. cortical_activation_after_constraint_induced_movement_therapy_in_stroke_patients_a_randomized_controlled_trial.pdf