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balawy, Y. E. M., H. M. Zakaria, M. M. Talaat, and OlfatI.Ali, "Bilateral Arm Training Improve Reaching Kinematics in Hemiparetic Patients", International Journal of PharmTech Research, vol. 9, issue 12, pp. 866-872, 2016. 866-872v9n12pt.pdf
Semary, M. E. M., N. A. Shady, M. E. S. A. Awady, and H. M. Sayed, "Biomechanical analysis of sit to walk movement in Parkinson’s Patients", 5th International Conference and Expo on Novel Physiotherapies, Berlin, Germany, 19 March, 2018. biomechanical_analysis_of_sit-to-.pdf
Semary, M. E. M., N. A. A. Shady, H. M. Sayed, and M. E. S. A. Awaady, "Biomechanical analysis of Sit-To- Walk movement in Parkinson’s patients", Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, vol. 2, pp. 36-42, 2018. biomechanical_analysis_of_sit-to-.pdf
EL-SEMARY, M. M., P. D. N. A. E. - R. A. Shady, D. M. E. S. A. Awaady, and D. H. M. Sayed, BIOMECHANICAL ANALYSIS OF SIT-TO-WALK MOVEMENT IN PARKINSON'S PATIENTS, , Cairo, Cairo, 2008.