Magnetoelectric characteristics of Dy 2.8Sr 0.2Fe 5O 12 garnet (DySrIG)

Ahmed, M. A., S. T. Bishay, and S. I. El-dek, "Magnetoelectric characteristics of Dy 2.8Sr 0.2Fe 5O 12 garnet (DySrIG)", EPJ Applied Physics, vol. 59, issue 2, 2012.


The effect of dc magnetic field on the capacitance, impedance and resistance of Dy2.8Sr0. 2Fe 5O 12 (DySrIG) prepared using the citrate-nitrate auto-combustion method was studied at room temperature. The measurements were carried out in two ways; the first one in which the dc magnetic field and the ac electric field are parallel (//) to each other and the second one in which the magnetic field and ac electric fields are perpendicular to each other. The magnetoimpedance of Dy 2.8Sr 0.2Fe 5O 12 increases by about 80% in the case (at 1650Oe and 450kHz) with respect to its values at zero magnetic field. The results of the study encourage the use of this garnet nanomaterial in magnetic sensors, in new devices including tunable filter and spintronic applications. © © 2012 EDP Sciences.


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