Magnetic susceptibility of (IPA)2FeCl4, (IBuA)2FeCl4 and (IPA)2CuCl4

Ahmed, M.A., M. M. A., "Magnetic susceptibility of (IPA)2FeCl4, (IBuA)2FeCl4 and (IPA)2CuCl4", Thermochimica Acta, vol. 150, no. 1, pp. 27-31, 1989.


The magnetic susceptibility of (IPA)2FeCl4, (IBuA)2FeCl4 and (IPA)2CuCl4, where IPA = (CH3)2CHNH+ 3 and IBuA = (CH3)2CHCH2NH+ 3, were measured in the temperature range from 80 K up to a temperature near the melting points of the samples. The results obtained were interpreted in terms of a canted two-dimensional antiferromagnet. The variation of the magnetic susceptibility with the change in the composition was also discussed. © 1989.


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