Magnetic susceptibility of (CH3NH3)2FeCl3Br: An example of a canted spin system

Semary, M. A., M. F. Mostafa, and M. A. Ahmed, "Magnetic susceptibility of (CH3NH3)2FeCl3Br: An example of a canted spin system", Solid State Communications, vol. 25, issue 7, pp. 443 - 445, 1978.


Magnetic susceptibility of (CH3NH3)2FeCl3Br is measured in the temperature range 80-200°K. A sharp peak characteristic of a spin canted system is found at TN(H=0)=98° K. Magnetic field dependence of the susceptibility and the effect of the halide ion size on the canted spin is discussed. © 1978.


Cited By (since 1996):1Export Date: 11 February 2014Source: ScopusCODEN: SSCOALanguage of Original Document: EnglishCorrespondence Address: Semary, M.A.; International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

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