Blue {Economy} and {Coastal} {Tourism}: {A} {Comprehensive} {Visualization} {Bibliometric} {Analysis}

Kabil, M., S. Priatmoko, R. Magda, and L. D. Dávid, "Blue {Economy} and {Coastal} {Tourism}: {A} {Comprehensive} {Visualization} {Bibliometric} {Analysis}", Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 7, pp. kabil, 2021.


This paper aims to analyze the scientific production of the blue economy and coastal tourism research fields to identify research topics and publication patterns. Accordingly, bibliometric analysis was selected as a quantitative meta-analysis literature review method. Scopus was the main database for extracting the scientific production in blue economy and coastal tourism. Various bibliometrics analysis techniques were used to analyze 476 and 49 publications in blue economy and coastal tourism, respectively. The main results are summarized as follows: (i) the number of publications in the blue economy scientific sector has increased significantly, and (ii) contrarily, a relatively small body of blue economy literature is concerned with the coastal tourism sector despite its significant role in the blue economy.



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