Scheduling schema

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Taha, M. H. N., N. E. Mahmoud, H. N. Elmahdy, and I. A. Saroit, "Energy Based Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks", CiiT International Journal of Wireless Communication, vol. 4, issue 16, pp. 973-975, 2012. AbstractCU-PDF

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become an attracted research and industry interest. In WSN, each node is attached to a battery, which supply the node with energy required for data sensing, processing and transmission. Transmitted packets are queued at intermediate nodes. Each node schedules the queued packets by assigning priorities to each packet. Priorities are assigned to packets according to their deadlines. This method in packet prioritization does not take into consideration either the network life time or energy consumption. Besides, it may lead to dropping high energy valuable packets. In many applications, WSN lifetime is considered a very critical issue, while setting up the network. In this paper, we paper we introduce new scheduling schema, called Energy Based Scheduling schema. In this schema, packets are not only prioritized according to their deadlines but also to some energy measures related to the network. These energy measures are obtained from the network nodes and are used in packet prioritization. The proposed schema is integrated with the AODV routing protocol. The unused bits in the AODV packets are used by the proposed schema in assigning sending priorities to each packet in the network. Through this paper, we will compare the proposed scheduling schema against the Basic Priority Scheduling schema, using NS-2. Comparisons are done according the network life time and energy consumption.