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Fahmy, G. M. (2008).  Diversity of parasitic plants in Qatar.
Gawdat, G., Youssef M., el Fayoumi D., & Salah M. A. (unknown year).  Dr.
Mahfouz, M. M., Sedhom M. G., Essa M. M., Kamel R. M., & Yosry A. H. (2018).  EFFECT OF AQUATIC VERSUS CONVENTIONAL THERAPY IN TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN. 03ijphy840.pdf
Khalafallha, H. D., & Mohamed H. A. (unknown year).  Effect of Children Illness and Hospitalization on Maternal Adopted Disciplinary Strategies. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING DIDACTICS. 2792-article_text-5253-1-10-20200128.pdf
Khalafallha, H. D., Mohammed S. A. - R., & Bahns N. S. M. (2018).  Effect of Designed Wound Care Guidelines for Pediatric Nurses on Occurrence of Surgical Site Complications. 10.11648.j.ajns_.20180706.17.pdf
saeid Abdulrahman, R., Moawd S. A., & Al-Bossly A. (2017).  Effect of High Altitude on Pulmonary Functionin Healthy School Children. .
Ibrahim, M. A. E., & Kalfallah H. D. (unknown year).  Effect of Instructions for Mothers Regarding Weaning on Their Infants Complains. IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS) e- ISSN: 2320–1959.p- ISSN: 2320–1940 Volume 7, Issue 3 Ver. III (May-June .2018), PP 31-42 e0703033142_3.pdf
Ahmed, N. H. S., Saad G. R., & Naoum M. M. (2019).  Effect of lateral bromo substituent on the phase behavior of four-ring azo/ester/azo liquid crystalline materials.
Hanafy, H., Shohaieb M., & aziz Hashem A. (2018).  effect of physical security initiatives on supply chain performance. International Journal of Physical Sciences Research.
[Anonymous] (2018).  Effects of Sexual Harassment on Nurses Bio - Psychosocial Health at Cairo University Hospitals. 123257-297475-1-sm.pdf
Moawd, S. A., Abdelhalem N. M., Samhan A. F., & Mahmoud W. S. (2014).  Effects of Whole-Body Vibration and Resistance Training on Muscular Performance in Young Adults. J Am Sci 2014.
Ouf, S. A., El-Yasergy K., Mohammed H. A., & Abd El-Ghany M. N. (2019).  Efficacy of Ozonized Water for Fungal Decontamination of Fresh Fruit Pieces Decorating Dessert Cakes. Egyptian Journal of Botany . ejbo_volume_59_issue_3_pages_845-855.pdf
Tawfik, R. (2014).  Egypt as a role model: an opportunity lost?. Open Democracy, London.
[Anonymous] (2015).  Egypt: New Investment Law – ADR for Investor-State Disputes.
Kapiel, T. (2015).  The Egyptian in all of us (In Arabic). Arab Scientific Community Organization.. the_egyptian_in_all_of_us_in_arabic.pdf
Elkady, H. (2016).  Electricity and Renewable Energy Regulations in Egypt.
A.abdelsalam, El-Nagdy M. S., Rashed N., Badawy B. M., Osaman W., & Fayed M. (2014).  Emission characteristics of fast target protons in ultrarelativistic 16O-nucleus collisions .
Talaat, F. M., Kamel T., Rabah A. M., Ahmed S. M., El-Jaafary S. I., & Abdelaziz G. H. (2014).  Epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs: risk factors for atherosclerosis. Epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs: risk factors for atherosclerosis
Isaac, S. K. (2013).  The EU's Democracy-Stability Dilemma Persists in Egypt. e-International Relations.
Isaac, S. K., & Kares H. E. (2017).  The European Community Framing of the Mediterranean 1970-1990. Medreset Working Paper no.1, Rome, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI).
Poe, D. S., & Hanna B. M. N. (2009).  Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. UpToDate .
Elbasel, M., Khalil N. K. M., Hassan D., & Sameer H. (2015).  EVALUATION OF SERUM FERRITIN IN NON-ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER DISEASE. International Journal of Current Research Vol. 7, Issue, 05, pp.16143-16146, May, 2015.
Rashwan, S. S., Irahim A. H., Abou-Arab T. W., Nemitallah M. A., & Habib M. A. (2017).  Experimental study of atmospheric partially premixed oxy-combustion flames anchored over a perforated plate burner.
Soaud, A. A. (2009).  The favourite soil science books of Abdou A. Soaud. IUSS - The three favourite soil science books of:.
Ahmed, T. S., & Khaled M. (2019).  Geometric representability results for cylindric-like algebras by games. Quaestiones Mathematicea on Line. geometrical-representation-theorems.pdf
Ahmed, T. S., & Khaled M. (2009).  Geometric representation theorems for Cylindric-like algebras. Quaestiones Mathematicea on Line.
Kapiel, T. (2016).  Google Scholar .. A New Ranking of Universities. Abstract

جوجل الباحث العلمي.. تصنيف جديد للجامعات
Google Scholar .. A New Ranking of Universities