Prof. M. A. Moustafa Hassan

Degrees Held:


  • PhD: 


    Field:   Electrical Engineering,
  • Awarded   by


    Cairo University, Egypt (Channel system with   Wuppertal University - Germany), 1988.


       M. Sc:     Field:


    M.Sc. Electrical Engineering,
    • Awarded   by:


      Cairo University, Egypt, 1982.

       B. Sc:     Field:


    Electrical Power And Machines
    • Awarded   by:


      Cairo University, Egypt, 1977.
Previous   occupations and Experience:

  • Associate Professor, Computer Dept., JEGC , KSA (Jan. 2002 –   Jun. 2007)
  • Associate Professor in AUST, Ajman - U.A.E (Sept. 1999 - Aug.   2001).
  • Associate Professor in T. S. I., Abu Dhabi, U.A.E (Oct. 1995 -   Sept. 1999).
  • Associate Professor in the Dept. of Elec. Eng., U.A.E. Uni., Al   Ain, U.A.E (9/ 1994 – 8/1995 ).

Prof. M. A. Moustafa Hassan is Professor (Control of Power Systems) in Electric Power Dept., Cairo University (Previously was a Vice Dean of FISCS, Oct. 6 Uni. and Deputy Manager at Alamieria Integrated Technology Educational Cluster (ITEC)). He visited many countries for practical Training during his study (Greece, NL, Switzerland). Also He was awarded a DAAD Scholarship to study in Germany for his PhD program. Furthermore, He worked in many universities and Institutions inside Egypt (Cairo University, AUC, Suez Canal University, Banha University, South Valley University, PHI, IAEMS, AETI Imbaba, Oct 6 Uni., HTI), and outside Egypt (University of Calgary in CANADA, UAEU in UAE, TSI in UAE, AUST in UAE, and JEGC in KSA). He is offering many practical consultations for different sectors in Egypt like Water utilities (HCWW), as well as for October Market, Some Cities Stadium, and Alabd Cont. Co.), especially in the field of Automation, SCADA, and DCS. He offered various training courses in the field of control systems, in addition to other electrical technical subjects. He of­fered these training courses in different countries (Egypt, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE). He attended many international scientific conferences (in Egypt, Canada, UK, Italy, Cyprus, and Russia). He published more than 90 scientific articles in Journals as well as International Conferences. He supervised plenty of graduation projects (in different universities focusing on Automation and SCADA). He is being supervising many M.Sc. thesis at Cairo University, Egypt (22 Finished). He examined 29 M.Sc. and Ph. D. Theses at different Universities (Cairo Uni., Banha Uni., Al Azhar Uni., and S. Valley Uni.) in Egypt.