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Effect of ammonia and E. coli complication on the immune response of chickens against Avian Pneumovirus., Amer, M. M., Shakal M. A. E. S., El-Ebiary EA, and Abd-Rabo K. B. , Zag. Vet. J., Volume 27, Issue 3, (1999)
Effect of Antibiotic and Prebiotic On Immunity and Reproductivity of Broiler Breeder Flock , Amer, Mohamed M., Zohair Ghazi A. M., EL-shemy A., Mekky Hoda M., and Sedeek Dalia M. , International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research (eIJPPR) , Volume 7, Issue 4, p. 18-25, (2017) eijppr-2017-7-4-18-25.pdf
Effect of coccidiosis on the immune response and body weight of broiler chickens vaccinated against Newcastle disease. , M.F.El-Kady, Amer M. M., D.G.khilfa, and A.S.A.Metwalli , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., , Volume 3, Issue 1, p.146-157., (1993)
Effect of Cronobacter sakazakii Experimental Infection on Layingand Hatchary Parameters of Breeder Chickens. , 1Amer, M. M., Ali Manl A., Hamouda A. S., and Elmarakby E. S. I. , Int. J. of Res. in Pharmacy and Biosciences, Volume 6, Issue 1, p.5-9, (2019) effect_of_cronobactersakazakii_experimental_infection.pdf
Effect of growth promoter and mould inhibitor on chicken immune response to Newcastle disease vaccine. , D.G.khilfa, Amer M. M., and A.S.A.Metwalli , Beni-Suef, Vet. Med. Res. J., Volume 4, Issue 2, p.236- 247 , (1994) effect_of_growth_promotors.pdf
Effect of Ocratoxin A on performance of broiler chickens, Refai, M. K., El-Karim.Abd S. M.,.Bastami M. A., Amer M. M., D.G.khilfa, Bakir A. M., and M.F.El-Kady , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., Volume 4, Issue 2, p.186-199. , (1994) effect_of_och_on_performance.pdf
Effect of Ocratoxin A on the immune response of chickens to Newcastle disease vaccine. , Refai, M. K., El-Karim.Abd S. M.,.Bastami M. A., M.M.Amer, D.G.khilfa, Bakir A. M., Afify Manal A., and M.F.El-Kady , Beni-Suef , Vet. Med. Res. J.,, Volume 4, Issue 2, p.186-200. , (1994)
Effect of prebiotic and/ or antibacterial drug on performance of broiler infected with E.coli, Amer, M. M., Elbayoumi Kh.M., Girh Zeinab Amin M. S., Hassan Eman R., M.A.Bosila, and Mekky Hoda M. , International Journal of PharmTech Research ( ISSN: 0974-4304, ISSN(Online): 2455-9563) , Volume 9, Issue 12, p.58-69, (2016) effect_of_prebiotic_and_or_antibacterial_drug_on_performance.pdf
Effect of Tilmicosin in Control of Mycoplasmosis in Broiler Chickens from Infected Breeders Using Elisa Test for Evaluation , Amer, M. M., Zohair G. A., EL-Bayomi Kh. M., and Girh Zeinab Amin M. S. , Journal of American Science, Volume 8, Issue 3, p.696-700, (2012) 2.pdf
The efficacy of Diclazuril (liquid formulation) in the prevention and control of Coccidiosis in broiler chickens. , Amer, M. M., El-Ghany Wafaa Abd A., Amer Aziza M., and Zohair El-H. Hanafei A. A. G. A. , procc. of the 5th Sci.Conf., Facult. Vet. Med., Beni-Suef Uni., 6-9 November , p.96-101, (2007) the_efficacy_of_diclazuril_liquid_formulation_in.pdf
The efficacy of live infectious bursal disease vaccines in commercial maternally immunized ten days old chickens., Amer, M. M., EL-Bayomi K. M., El-Ghany W. A. A., Kotkat M. A., El-Gaid S. A. S., and Shakal M. A. , The 5th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University, November, 6th -9th,, , p.23-33, (2007) the_efficacy_of_live_infectious_bursal_disease_vaccines.pdf
Enhancement of immune response against IBD and IB in antibiotic treated Mycoplasma gallisepticum serologically positive broiler chickens. , Kh.M., Elbayoumi, Girh Zeinab Amin M. S., Hassan Eman R., Amer Aziza M., Zohair Ghazi A. M., and M.M.Amer , International J. of Chem. Tech. Res., Volume 9, Issue 12, p.934-942, (2016)
Evaluation of Prepared Inactivated Polyvalent E. Coli Vaccine as Compared with Commercial Available Live Attenuated Vaccine , Amer, M. M., Bastamy M., Elbayoumi Kh.M., M.A.Bosila, and Salem Mervat , Advances in Environmental Biology. , Volume 9, Issue 24, p.299-306, (2015)
EVALUATION OF SOME AVIAN INFLUENZA VACCINES ON COMMERCIAL LAYER CHICKS , Amer, M. M., Sherein S.abdelgayed, and Abeer Abd El-Baky A. , 1st International Scientific conference of Pathology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, p.60-78, (2013) 04_evaluation_of_some_avian_influenza_vaccines.pdf
Evaluation of the protective efficacy of anticoccidial drugs and vaccine in prevention of Coccidiosis in battery reared chickens., Amer, M. M., Ali Manal A., Kutkat Abd EL-A. M., EL-Bayomi K. M., Girh Zeinab Amin M. S., and El-Marakby E. S. I. , In Proc. of the the 5th Internat. Conf. of Vet. Res. Div.NRC, 26-28 Feb, (2010)
Evaluation of the protective efficacy of anticoccidial drugs and vaccine in prevention of coccidiosis in floor reared chickens. , Amer, M. M., Kutkat Abd EL-A. M., Ali Manal A., and Elmarakby E. S. I. , In Proc. of the the 5th Internat. Conf. of Vet. Res. Div.NRC, 26-28 Feb. , p.1-11, (2010) evaluation_of_the_protective_efficacy_of_anticoccidial__in_floor.pdf
EXPERIMENTAL INDUCTION OF SUBCLINICAL NECROTIC ENTERITIS USING C. PERFRINGENS FIELD ISOLATE IN MALE LAYER CHICKENS., Hamouda, A. S., Amer M. M., Mohame Abd El-F. A., Said Sherin A., and Merati R. , Vet. Med.J., Giza. Vol.,, Volume 59, Issue 3, p.363-383, (2011) experimental_induction_of_subclinical_necrotic_enteritis.pdf
Experimental Study on the Efficacy of Some Commonly Used Anticoccidial Drugs in Controlling of Coccidiosis with Mixed Field Isolates in Broiler Chickens., Amer, M. M., Awaad M. H. H., Abo-Elezz Nadia M. N., El-Khateeb Rabab M., Sherein-Said, Ghetas A. M. M., and kutkat M. A. , World Appl. Sci. J. ., Volume 9, Issue 4, p.359-366, (2010) experimental_study.pdf