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Incidance of chlamydia antibodies in sera of suggestive chickens flocks using agar gel precipitation test, Amer, M. M., Shakal M. A., Ata A. A., and Sayed K. S. , J. Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass, Volume 60, Issue 5, p.207-213, (2000)
Comparative Study on Immunogenicity of Commercially Available Inactivated Oil Adjuvant Avian Influenza H5n1 and H5n2 Vaccinesbroiler chicks, Amer, M. M., Hammouda A. S., Amin Afaf H., EL-Bayomi Kh. M., and Nasr EL-S.A.N. , Global Veterinaria 8, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.618-624, (2012) comparative_study_on_immunogenicity_of_commercially.pdf
Serological incidence of Gumboro disease virus infection in chicken flocks in Cairo district. , Amer, M. M.,.Bastami M. A., D.G.khilfa, and Hamouda A. S. , Assut. Vet. Med. J., , Volume 17, Issue 33, p. 211-216., (1986) serologicai_inc._of_ibd.pdf
Potency Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles On Skin Wound Healing In Rats, Amer, Aziza M., Maksoud Ahmed Abd El I., Abdeen Mohamed A., Hamdy Amera, Mabrok Hana A., Amer Mohamed M., and El-Sanousi Ahmed A. , RJPBCS, Volume 9, Issue 6, p.909-923, (2018) potency_of_titanium_dioxide_nanoparticles.pdf
Studies on maternal antibodies to avian influenza H9N2 vaccine. , Amer, M. M., Hamouda A. S., and EL-Bayomi K. M. , procc. of the 6th sci.Conf., Facult. Vet. Med., Beni- Suef Uni., April, p.24-27, , (2010) mdabs_to__iafinal_253.pdf
Effect of Tilmicosin in Control of Mycoplasmosis in Broiler Chickens from Infected Breeders Using Elisa Test for Evaluation , Amer, M. M., Zohair G. A., EL-Bayomi Kh. M., and Girh Zeinab Amin M. S. , Journal of American Science, Volume 8, Issue 3, p.696-700, (2012) 2.pdf
BACTERIAL CAUSES OF DECREASE IN PERFORMANCE OF BREEDER CHICKENS FLOCKS., Amer, M. M., and EL-GAHNY WAFAA ABD A. , Beni-Suef Veterinary Medical Journal, , Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 61-69., (2006) bacterial_causes_of_decrease_in_performance.pdf
Studies on effect of prebiotic on immune response of broiler chicken to ND -AI combined inactivated vaccine., Amer, M. M., Elbayoumi Kh.M., Girh Zeinab Amin M. S., Hassan Eman R., and M.A.Bosila , International J. of Chem. Tech. Res.(ISSN: 0974-4290, ISSN(Online):2455-9555, Volume 9, Issue 12, p.182-190, (2016) studies_on_effect_of_prebiotic_on_immune_response.pdf
The efficacy of live infectious bursal disease vaccines in commercial maternally immunized ten days old chickens., Amer, M. M., EL-Bayomi K. M., El-Ghany W. A. A., Kotkat M. A., El-Gaid S. A. S., and Shakal M. A. , The 5th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University, November, 6th -9th,, , p.23-33, (2007) the_efficacy_of_live_infectious_bursal_disease_vaccines.pdf
Surveillance of Pneumovirus infection in chicken flocks in Egypt., m. Amer, M., Shakal M. A. E. S., El-Ebiary EA, and Abd-Rabo K. B. , Zag. Vet. J., Volume 27 , Issue 3, (1999)
Field study on control of chronic respiratory disease in vertically infected broiler chicks, Amer, M. M., EL-Bayomi K. M., Ze inab Amin Girh M. S., and Hanafei A. E. A. , BS. VET. MED. J. , Volume 19, Issue 1, p. 27-33 , (2009) field_study_on_control_of_chronic_respiratory_disease.pdf
Studies on the effect of different immunostimulants on chick's immune response to inactivated avian influenza and Newcastle Vaccines , Amer, M. M., Sabry Tammam M., Al Hussien Dahshan M., and Al Amir Okasha A. , JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL RESEARCH , , Volume 24, Issue 1, p.349-358 , (2017) studies_on_the_effect_of_different_immunostimulants.pdf
Evaluation of the protective efficacy of anticoccidial drugs and vaccine in prevention of coccidiosis in battery reared chickens, Amer, M. M., Kutkat Abd EL-A. M., Ali Manal A., EL-Bayomi Kh. M., Zeinab S.Amin. Girh M., and Elmarakby E. S. I. , Vet. Med. J. Giza, Volume 59, Issue 4, p.51- 63. , (2011) 2011.pdf
Pharmacokinetics of tetracycline and tetracycline loaded nanoemulsion formula in rabbits. , AMM, Amer, SA El Badawy, MS Saber, OAA Farid, WH Abd-Elsalam, and Amer M. M. , Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci., Volume 8, Issue 2, p.130-139, (2020) pharmacokinetics_of_tetracycline_and_tetracycline.pdf
Diagnosis and experimental induction of Type C Botulinum in broiler chickens., and, Hamouda A. S., and Amer M. M. , Vet. Med. Ass. J. , Volume 60 , Issue 5, p.197-206, (2000)
Pathogenicity of Escherichia coli O125 in commercial broiler chickens. , Asmaa Abd Elatiff, El-Sawah Azza A., Mahrous Mohammed, Dahshan Al-Hussein M., Salam Hala, and A.S.Shany Salama , Journal of Veterinary Medical Research, Volume 26, Issue 1, p.1-8, (2019)
Serogrouping and resistance gene detection in avian pathogenic E.coli isolated from broiler chickens., Asmaa Abd Elatiff, El-Sawah Azza A., Mahrous Mohammed, Dahshan Al-Hussein M., Salam Hala, and A.S.Shany Salama , Journal of Veterinary Medical Research, Volume 26, Issue 1, p.48-54., (2019)
Influence of coccidial infection on pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution of sulphamethazine in chickens., Aziza M. Amer, and Amer M. M. , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., Volume 4, Issue 2, p.342-352, (1994) enfluence_of_coccidial_infection.pdf