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Effect of growth promoter and mould inhibitor on chicken immune response to Newcastle disease vaccine. , D.G.khilfa, Amer M. M., and A.S.A.Metwalli , Beni-Suef, Vet. Med. Res. J., Volume 4, Issue 2, p.236- 247 , (1994) effect_of_growth_promotors.pdf
Effect of Cronobacter sakazakii Experimental Infection on Layingand Hatchary Parameters of Breeder Chickens., Amer, M. M., Ali Manl A., Hamouda A. S., and Elmarakby E. S. I. , Int. J. of Res. in Pharmacy and Biosciences, Volume 6, Issue 1, p.5-9, (2019) effect_of_cronobactersakazakii_experimental_infection.pdf
Effect of Combined Plant Essential Oils on Dermanyssus gallinae: In vitro and in vivo study, Amer, Aziza M., Amer Mohamed M., Mekky Hoda M., and Fedawy Hanaa S. , World Vet. J. , Volume 10, Issue 2, p.199-206, (2020) wvj_102_199-206_june_25_2020-_chicken_tick.pdf
Effect of coccidiosis on the immune response and body weight of broiler chickens vaccinated against Newcastle disease. , M.F.El-Kady, Amer M. M., D.G.khilfa, and A.S.A.Metwalli , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., , Volume 3, Issue 1, p.146-157., (1993)
Effect of Antibiotic and Prebiotic On Immunity and Reproductivity of Broiler Breeder Flock , Amer, Mohamed M., Zohair Ghazi A. M., EL-shemy A., Mekky Hoda M., and Sedeek Dalia M. , International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research (eIJPPR) , Volume 7, Issue 4, p. 18-25, (2017) eijppr-2017-7-4-18-25.pdf
Effect of ammonia and E. coli complication on the immune response of chickens against Avian Pneumovirus., Amer, M. M., Shakal M. A. E. S., El-Ebiary EA, and Abd-Rabo K. B. , Zag. Vet. J., Volume 27, Issue 3, (1999)
Diagnosis of Crypto-coccus Neoformans infection in 7 weeks old broiler chickens., Hamouda, A. S., Amer M. M., and El-Gohary A. A. , Zag. Vet. J. , Volume 29, Issue 2, (2001)
Diagnosis and Molecular Identification of Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease in Naturally Infected Broiler Chickens., Zohair, Ghazi A. M., Amer M. M., EL-shemy A., M.A.Bosila, and Elbayoumi Kh. M. , IJPPR, Volume 7, Issue 5, p. 29-34 , (2017) diagnosis_and_molecular_identification_of_virulent.pdf
Diagnosis and experimental induction of Type C Botulinum in broiler chickens., and, Hamouda A. S., and Amer M. M. , Vet. Med. Ass. J. , Volume 60 , Issue 5, p.197-206, (2000)
Diagnosis and control of swollen head syndrome in a broiler chicken farm. Egypt. , Hamouda, A. S., and Amer M. M. , Vet. Med. Ass. J. , Volume 60, Issue 5, p.63-72., (2000)
Detection of Infectious Causes of Arthritis in Breeder Chicken Flocks , Abbas,.El-H. A., Amer M. M., Bastami MA, and Mahdi El S. A. , Proc. of XXII WPC. Sc. June 8-13 Istanbul, No.775., p.1-7, (2004) infectious_causes_of_arthritis.pdf
Cronobacter Sakazakii (Enterobacter Sakazakii), Amer, Mohamed M., and Mekky Hoda M. , International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biosciences, Volume 6, Issue 4, p. 4-14, (2019) cronobacter_sakazakii.pdf
Conditions affecting egg production in chickens, Elbayoumi, Kh M., Amer M. M., Rabie Nagwa S., and Zaki Mona S. , Report and Opinion, Volume 11, p.8-17, (2019) conditions_affecting_egg_production.pdf
Comparative study on the immune response of chickens vaccinated intramuscularly with different Newcastle disease vaccines. , .Bastami, M. A., Amer M. M., and Hamouda A. S. , Assut. Vet. Med. J. , Volume 17, Issue 34, p.223-229., (1986)
Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Some Antimycoplasma Drugs on the Performance of Commercial Broiler Flocks from Infected Breeders, Amer, M. M., Hanafei El-H.A. A., EL-Bayomi K. M., and Zohair G. A. , Global Veterinaria , Volume 3, Issue 2, p.69-74, (2009) 1.pdf
COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE EFFICACY OF A PROBIOTIC AND DIFFERRENT ANTICOCCIDIAL DRUGS AGAINST EIMERIA TENELLA INFECTION IN BROILER CHICKENS , El-Ghany, Wafaa Abd A., Madian K., Amer Aziza M., EL-Gaied Sherein Abd S., and Amer M. M. , Procc. of the 9th sci.Conf.(1st inter.), Facult. Vet. Med., Cairo University. January 2007 in Vet.Med.J , Giza , Volume 55, Issue 1, p.245-274, (2007)
Comparative study on immunogenicity of different inactivated Newcastle disease vaccines used in Egypt and role of prebiotic in improve immune response of commercial broiler chickens., Elbayoumi, Kh. M., Hassan Eman R., Girh Zeinab Amin M. S., Amer M. M., Mekky Hoda M., and Bosila M. A. , Life Science Journal , Volume 11, Issue 9, p.483-487, (2014) comp._study_on_immun._of_different_inactivated_nd.pdf.pdf
Comparative Study on Immunogenicity of Commercially Available Inactivated Oil Adjuvant Avian Influenza H5n1 and H5n2 Vaccinesbroiler chicks, Amer, M. M., Hammouda A. S., Amin Afaf H., EL-Bayomi Kh. M., and Nasr EL-S.A.N. , Global Veterinaria 8, Volume 8, Issue 6, p.618-624, (2012) comparative_study_on_immunogenicity_of_commercially.pdf
Comparative Study on Different Viral Arthritis Vaccination Trials in Breeder Flocks , Abbas,.El-H. A., Amer M. M., Bastami MA, and Mahdi El S. A. , Breeder Chicken Flocks. Proc. of XXII WPC. Sc. June 8-13 Istanbul, No.775., p.1-6, (2004) viral_arthritis-m.amer_.pdf
Comparative pharmacodynamic and histopathological studies on tetracycline loaded nanoemulsion and tetracycline in rabbits., S.M., Saber, A. Amer M., A.S. El-Badawy, M.A. Othman, A.O Ahmed-Farid, and M.M. Amer , RJPBCS, Volume 10, Issue 1, p.855-868, (2019) comparative_pharmacodynamic_and_histopathological.pdf
A Comparative Effect of Mash and Pellet Feed on Broiler Performance and Ascites at High Altitude (Field Study), Zohair, Ghazi A. M., Al-Maktari Gameel A., and Amer Mohamed M. , Global Veterinaria , Volume 9, Issue 2, p.154-159, (2012) mash_and_pellet_feed-2012.pdf
Clinicopathological Changes in Sera of Broiler Chicken Given Antibacterial and Or Prebiotics. , Elbayoumi, Kh M., Girh Zeinab MS Amin, Amer Aziza M., Hassan Eman R., and Amer M. M. , RJPBCS, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.2024-2032, (2017)
Clinicopathological and phyto-chemical studies on prolonged administration of Senciodesfontainei plant powder in chickens., and El-Sergany, M.H., Morsy Ann M., H.El-sayed Somia, Mohamed Amera H., Yassin Saffa, M.M.Amer, and El-Sawey Assia M. , Vet. Med. J. Giza,, Volume 36, Issue 3, p.361-371., (1988)
BACTERIAL CAUSES OF DECREASE IN PERFORMANCE OF BREEDER CHICKENS FLOCKS., Amer, M. M., and EL-GAHNY WAFAA ABD A. , Beni-Suef Veterinary Medical Journal, , Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 61-69., (2006) bacterial_causes_of_decrease_in_performance.pdf
Identification and Sequencing of Genotype VII of Newcastle Disease Virus From Chicken Flocks In Six Egyptian Governorates. , Ahmed, Hagar M., Amer M. M., Elbayoumi Kh. M., Amer S. A., and kutkat M. A. , Egypt. J. Vet. Sci., Volume 48, Issue 1, p.31- 41, (2017)