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Effect of coccidiosis on the immune response and body weight of broiler chickens vaccinated against Newcastle disease. , M.F.El-Kady, Amer M. M., D.G.khilfa, and A.S.A.Metwalli , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., , Volume 3, Issue 1, p.146-157., (1993)
Immune response against Hitchner B1 vaccine in chickens infected with mycoplasma., Amer, M. M., D.G.khilfa, A.S.A.Metwalli, and M.F.El-Kady , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J., , Volume 3, Issue 1, p.108-123., (1993)
Modulation of the chicken immune response to the inactivated fowl cholera vaccine by different immune stimulants. , S.M.Gergis, Amer M. M., D.G.khilfa, Waffa A.Ghoniemy, and Hassan HA , Beni-Suef, Vet. Med. Res. J., Volume 3, Issue 2, p.156-167, (1993)
Prevention of fowl cholera in broiler chickens using A polyvalent formalized vaccine with immunostimulants. , Amer, M. M., Waffa A.Ghoniemy, and S.M.Gergis , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J.و , Volume 3, Issue 2, p.104-115. , (1993) prevention_of_fawel_cholera.pdf
Stimulation of the suppressed chicken immune response to Newcastle Hitchner B1 vaccine using Levamesole., Amer, M. M., and Aziza M. Amer , Beni-Suef ,Vet. Med. Res. J.,, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.132-145. , (1993)
Prevention of avian coccidiosis using Meduramycin Ammonium. , El-Rahman, Abd S. M.,.Bastami M. A., D.G.khilfa, and M.M.Amer , Beni-Suef, Vet. Med. Res. J. , Volume 2, Issue 2, p.209-216., (1992) prevention_of_coccidiosis.pdf
Clinicopathological and phyto-chemical studies on prolonged administration of Senciodesfontainei plant powder in chickens., and El-Sergany, M.H., Morsy Ann M., H.El-sayed Somia, Mohamed Amera H., Yassin Saffa, M.M.Amer, and El-Sawey Assia M. , Vet. Med. J. Giza,, Volume 36, Issue 3, p.361-371., (1988)
Some aspects of Pseudomonas Aeroginosa infection in chickens. , Hamouda, A. S., Amer M. M.,.Bastami M. A., and D.G.khilfa , Assut Vet.J., Volume 19 , Issue 37, p.180-193., (1987)
Viral nephritis induced by an isolant related to infectious bronchitis virus. I. Isolation and identification of the isoilant, .Bastami, M. A., Amer M. M., and D.G.khilfa , Assut. Vet. Med. J. , Volume 19, Issue 37, p.173-179., (1987)
Comparative study on the immune response of chickens vaccinated intramuscularly with different Newcastle disease vaccines. , .Bastami, M. A., Amer M. M., and Hamouda A. S. , Assut. Vet. Med. J. , Volume 17, Issue 34, p.223-229., (1986)
Quality of broiler recovered from the chronic respiratory disease., Neuman, T. M., Amer M. M., Hamdy M. M., and Darwish AM , Vet. Med. J. Giza , Volume 34, Issue 1, p.49-60. , (1986)
Serological incidence of Gumboro disease virus infection in chicken flocks in Cairo district. , Amer, M. M.,.Bastami M. A., D.G.khilfa, and Hamouda A. S. , Assut. Vet. Med. J., , Volume 17, Issue 33, p. 211-216., (1986) serologicai_inc._of_ibd.pdf
Some factors influences of immuno- suppresion in chickens.I. Immunosuppresion of Newcastle disease vaccination by Turkey herpes virus (Marek’s disease vaccine). , .Bassiouni, A. A., Awaad M. H. H., M.M.Amer, afaa Yassien, and Affi Manal , Assut. Vet. Med. J. , Volume 19, Issue 37, p. 190-195., (1986)
Studies on pox in Japanese quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)., Amer, M. M., Kier-El-Din A. E. M. W., and Awaad M. H. H. , Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass. J. , Volume 46, Issue 3, p.295-302, (1986)
Withdrawal time of some antibiotics from poultry. Egypt., Neuman, T. M., and M.M.Amer , Vet. Med. Ass. J. , Volume 46, Issue 1, (1986)