Multimedia Library

  • Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel for Educational Purposes at Aerospace Engineering Department, Cairo University.

  • Visualization of Pressure Field over Rotating Blades using Pressure Sensitive Foil Technique.

  • Design, Fabrication and Fly of an Autonomous Blimp for Terrain Mapping.

  • Design, Fabrication and Test of Rover-Back CanSat for Space Engineering Education.

  • Design, Fabrication and Fly of an Autonomous Quad-rotor VTOL Vehicle.

  • High Speed Smoke Flow visualisation Experiments of Flow Separation Suppression on the Flap Upper Surface with the Moving-Surface.

Moving Surface OFF

Moving Surface ON

  • High Speed Schileren Visualization of Screech Tone of under-expanded sonic jet of NPR = 5

  • Full 3D Computations of Underexpaned Sonic Jet of NPR = 5

  • Autopilot-Simulator for Pure Pitching Motion: Autopilot-simulator is a new concept of desktop size hardware platform that can enable both the engineering students and control designers to validate and visualize their autopilot design of a model aircraft. The present version is for pure pitching motion autopilot and it can be easily extended to include more aircraft degree of freedoms.