Testing Engineer (1996-1997)

Volvo Aerodynamic and Climate Department
Volvo Wind Tunnel
Volvo Car Corporation, Gothenburg, Sweden

Responsibilities include:

  • Aerodynamic testing of various Volvo cars and Tracks using full scale Volvo Wind Tunnel. Tests include but not limited to: Force, Flow visualization, Engine cooling, Ice Related Tests, and Dirt Deposit tests.
  • Develop drag reduction techniques for various car models and assess its associated fuel consumptions.
  • Study the effect of side wind on car stability.

Clay Model Testing in Volvo Full Scal Wind Tunnel

Senior Product Development Engineer (2001 – 2003)

Sound and Vibration Laboratory
Takasago Research and Development Center
Power Plant Division
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Project Manager of the following activities:

  • Conducting wind-tunnel experiments
  • Data analysis and verifications
  • Development and assessments of different noise reduction techniques

Members of Sound and Vibration Laboratory, Takasago Research and Development Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Testing inside Mitsubishi Anechoic Tunnel (Japan's largest Anechoic tunnel)

Product development insdie Mitsubishi Anechoic Tunnel

Product development insdie Mitsubishi Reverberation Room

Development of the Mitsubishi Air condition unit for low noise emission

CFD Consultant (2004-2006)

The Steel Network Ltd,
Egypt Office

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading a group of 2 software development engineers to develop a computer code that estimate loads on building due to winds and bomb blast.

Computations of loads on buidling due to strong wind

Technical Consultant (2004-2011)

Science & Technology Center of Excellence
Ministry of Military Production

Responsibilities include:

  • Specification of components and sub-systems based on modeling and simulation.
  • Supervision of component manufacturing and system integration at the  premises of the product owner (Abu Zaabal Egineering Industries Co, a major Egyptian State-owned heavy industry)

Product Development at Abu Zaabal Egineering Industries Co.

Field Testing at Abu Zaabal Egineering Industries Co