Coauthored Publications with: Alhennawi

Journal Article

Alhennawi HR, Ismail MH, Mourad H-AM.  2014.  Performance evaluation of energy detection over extended generalized-K (EGK) composite fading channels. Electronics Letters. 50(22):1643-1645.
Ayadi MEMH, Ismail MH, Alhennawi H.  2016.  A Unified Approach for Probability of Detection Evaluation over Generalized Fading Channels. IET Communications. 10(12):1532-1541.
Alhennawi HR, ElAyadi MMH, Ismail MH, Mourad H-AM.  2016.  Closed-form Exact and Asymptotic Expressions for the Symbol Error Rate and Channel Capacity of the H-function Fading Channel. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 65(4):1957-1974.[Download]