Coauthored Publications with: Ahmed

Conference Paper

Ahmed I, Ismail MH, Hassan MS.  2019.  A Resource Allocation based Mode Selection Scheme in D2D Communication. in Proc. of 3rd Int. Conf. on Communications, Signal Processing, and their Applications (ICCSPA’19).

Journal Article

Hassan MS, Ismail MH, Landolsi T, Aseeri F, Ahmed I.  2020.  A QoE-based Framework for Video Streaming over LTE-Unlicensed. IEEE Access. 8:180458-180470.
Ahmed I, Ismail MH, Hassan MS.  2020.  A QoE-Aware Mode Selection Framework for Video Streaming in D2D Networks. IEEE Access. 8:169272-169285.
Ahmed I, Ismail MH, Hassan MS.  2019.  Video Transmission using Device-to-Device Communications: A Survey. IEEE Access. 7(1):131019-131038.