My Students

Former Students:

  1. Ghada Gamal, M.Sc., graduation date: 2015. Thesis title: "AVIS: an Adaptive VIdeo Simulation Tool for Scalable Video " with Dr. Ahmed Zahran.
  2. Samar Ibrahim, M.Sc., graduation: 2015. Thesis title: "SVC-DASH-M: Scalable Video Coding Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP using Multiple Connections" with Dr. Ahmed Zahran.
  3. Belal Salama, M.Sc., graduation date: 2015. Thesis title: "Power Allocation and Precoding for Device-to-device Communications in Massive MIMO Networks" with Prof. Hebat-Allah M. Mourad and Dr. Ahmed Salah. Currently: PhD student at UCSB.
  4. Refaat Mohamed, Ph.D., graduation date: 2014, Dissertation title: "Novel Performance Evaluation Studies over the α - μ Fading Channel", with Prof. Hebat Mourad and Dr. Fatma Newagy.
  5. Muhammed Fahim, M.Sc., graduation date: 2014. Thesis title: "Cooperative Spectrum Sensing With Non-Ideal Feedback and Delay Considerations", with Prof. Hazim Tawfik. Currently: with Nokia Networks, Cairo.
  6. Husam Alhennawi, M.Sc., graduation date: 2014. Thesis title: "Performance Evaluation of Extended Generalized-K Composite Fading Channels with Application on Energy Detection Based Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Systems" with Prof. Hebat Mourad.
  7. Ahmed Alaa, M.Sc., graduation date: 2014. Thesis title: "Application of Reconfigurable Antennas to Cognitive Radio Systems" with Prof. Hazim Tawfik, Currently: PhD student at UCLA, USA.
  8. Abubakr Alabassi, M.Sc., graduation date: 2014. Thesis title: "Cost Efficient Media Streaming Strategies for Heterogenous Wireless Networks" with Dr. Ahmed Zahran, Currently: PhD student at Purude University, USA.
  9. Hussain Alkotby, M.Sc., graduation date: 2013, Thesis title: "Performance Evaluation of Next Generation Wireless Systems using Interference Alignment" with Prof. Khaled Elsayed, PhD from Tufts University and now with Interdigital, USA.
  10. Rana Abdelaal, M.Sc., graduation date: 2012, Thesis title: "Coopertive Radio Resource Management and Optimized Power Allocation for LTE-Advanced CoMP Systems" with Prof. Khaled ELsayed, PhD from University of California - Irvine and now with Broadcom.
  11. AbdelRahman Swelam, M.Sc., graduation date: 2012, Thesis title: "Performance Analysis of TDMA Relay Protocols over Weibull and Weibull-Lognormal Fading Channels" with Prof. Hebat Mourad, Currently: Assistant Lecturer at Akhbar Al Youm Academy, Cairo, Egypt.
  12. Mahmoud Abdelaziz, M.Sc., graduation date: 2011, Thesis title: "Spectrum Sensing Optimization for Cognitive LTE Femtocells" with Prof. Mohamed Nafie and Prof. Magdi El Soudani, PhD Student at Tampere University of Technology, Finland and now Assitant Professor at Zewail University of Science and Technology.
  13. Mohamed Abubakr, M.Sc., graduation date: 2010, Thesis title: "A Study of Channel Estimation and Performance Analysis in Cooperative Relaying Networks" with Prof. Magdi El-soudani, PhD from University of Utah in 2014 and now with Broadcom.
  14. Lobna A. Said, M.Sc., graduation date: 2010, Thesis title: "Active Relaization of Doubly-Terminated LC Ladder Filters Using Active Building Blocks" with Prof. Ahmed M. Soliman and Dr. Ahmed Madian, PhD from the German University in Cairo (GUC) and now Assitant Professor at Nile University.