Potential use of Interleukin-2-rich supernatant adjuvant in Fayoumi hens

El Sabry, M. I. M., A. M. M. Atta, B. Tzschentke, H. B. A. Gharib, and F. K. R. Stino, "Potential use of Interleukin-2-rich supernatant adjuvant in Fayoumi hens", ARCHIV FUR GEFLUGELKUNDE, vol. 76, issue 3: EUGEN ULMER GMBH CO POSTFACH 700561 WOLLGRASWEG 41, D-70599 STUTTGART, GERMANY, pp. 162-167, 2012. copy at www.tinyurl.com/y8oco3rv


This study was carried out to investigate the impact of chicken interleukin-2 rich supernatant (ChIL2-rich supernatant) on humoral immune response against Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), and its side effects on production and reproduction performances. Eighty 40-week old female and ten male Fayoumi hens were vaccinated with NDV (La Sota strain). The treated birds were co-administered with ChIL2rich supernatant. While, the control birds were injected with saline. Data were collected during the period from 40 to 45 weeks of age. The results indicated that ChIL2-rich supernatant injection enhanced the humoral immunity against NDV antigens throughout the experimental period. It also increased the relative spleen weight. On the other hand, ChIL2-rich supernatant injection did not influence relative liver and ovary weights, hen day egg production, egg weights, fertility or hatchability significantly. The results of this study demonstrated that, ChIL2-rich supernatant injection could be safely used as an adjuvant to enhance the humoral immunity against NDV with no deleterious effects on production or reproduction performances.



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