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Mehaisen, G. M. K., M. G. Eshak, M. E. I. Sabry, and A. O. Abass, "Expression of Inflammatory and Cell Death Program Genes and Comet DNAD amage Assay Induced by Escherichia coli in Layer Hens", PLoSONE, vol. 11, issue 6, pp. e0158314.doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0158314, 2016. Website
M.I. El Sabry, J.W. Charal, K.W. McMillin, and T. A. Lavergne, "Does magnetized drinking water affect productivity and egg quality of layers?", Egypyian Journal of Animal Production, vol. 55, issue 2, pp. 117-123, 2018. does_magnetized_drinking_water_affect_productivity_and_egg_quality_of_layers.pdf